Established in 1995; Squiby Foods BV nowadays has settled its name in the market of food supply: delivering the full European food range to food service - and airline catering companies. Step by step we managed to develop our own market. A market of quality and service.

Quality from all over Europe shipped in one lot to Middle- and Far East customers.

Service as we are able to supply over 90% of the full range of European food products within 2 days!


What can we do for you?

We value our customers. Squiby Foods BV is always looking for long business relations. We can supply you the full European food range. All supply in one-hand!!!

Labelling and dating of products are strictly done as per individual customers regulations.

Our location is close to Amsterdam Airport.The 2500 m² enables us to develop our business. 600 m² chiller, 300 m² freezer guarantees best storage for all products.

Today we have more than 25 employees, all working hard to maintain the level of quality and service, which we treasure so much. We constantly invest in staff and equipment in order to make sure that our company is ready for the next step.

We have made achievements in various areas. Our customers are not only in the hotel and airline business. We also serve the United Nation forces, supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants.