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0.0 is the flavour of the day

Not that long ago, alcohol was seen as the beating heart of every bar and restaurant in Europe. As far as your average drinker was concerned, ‘the more, more merrier’. But times have changed. Alcohol has gone from hero to zero.

Nowadays people care about what they eat and drink. So although alcohol might make you “merrier”, it can also make you overweight and out of shape. And because drinks manufacturers are people too, they know it’s time to ‘zero’ their drinks down.

The big breweries started the trend when they launched their low alcohol Radlers and 0.0% alcohol beers, which have now become a “must have” in every supermarket and busy bar. The craft beer brewers were not slow to respond to the demand either. There are already plenty of highly-rated no-alcohol IPAs, porters, and stouts around.

And then you have the unstoppable mocktail trend. Bartenders everywhere are now using no-alcohol distillates to mimic the sensation of traditional spirits. At the top of the list are the alcohol-free Amzterdamit and Seedlip, which use botanicals as a substitute for gin. Plus mixologists have discovered ingenious ways to get the alcohol out before the cocktail is poured. So nowadays you can order a non-alcoholic gin and tonic without causing a stir.

For that finishing tough, new and surprising soft drink mixers are being launched on the market all the time – the perfect way to add a unique alcohol-free twist to any classic summer cocktail. Such as tonic and ginger ale with added citrus and syrup to give it that extra bite. Or a ginger shot with a dash of mint and sparkling water, and a slice of pineapple or lemon on the side. The same refreshing cocktail kick, and it not only makes you feel good, it’s good for your body too.

Which is why today, zero is the new hero.