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Circular food system

We touched on the subject of organic food products, sustainability and renewable resources before, in our newsletter about our other partner, TerraSana. This week the topic is the ‘circular food system’, which has the goal to upcycle organic waste and use it to grow other organic products. There’s masses of untapped value at every stage of the food supply chain, says Anna Glaser from Circulate News. With over 700 million kg of solid food being wasted in the Netherlands – a third of all food produced – you can imagine the benefits we could reap if this were to change.

The linear economic model in the food industry has reached its limits and urgently needs a new direction. It’s time to look to nature and nature knows no waste. Implementing a circular food economy is also a way to achieve certain Sustainable Development Goals, as determined by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. It is also a way to produce more food for more people with a higher nutritional value, in a sustainable way.