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Did you know: about gherkins?

The gherkin is actually a member of the cucumber family, the Cucurbitaceae, which also includes pumpkins, melons, courgettes, and (snake) cucumbers. The roots of the modern gherkin we know today probably lie in northern India, where it grew in the wild for around 3000 years. It was brought to this region by the Romans, and now varieties grow here that have adapted to the climatological conditions of northern Europe.

They have a mild to slightly bitter flavour, all depending on the variety. We carefully select our gherkins based on strict quality standards during the harvest, which runs from late June to mid-September. They are then pickled using the traditional Kesbeke method according to size, ranging from the smallest at 3 – 6 cm in length (called cornichons) up to as long as 15 – 18 cm.