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Do you know the ‘organic’ ins and outs?

The public demand for organic produce, sustainability and renewable resources is ever-growing. Some scientists even claim that organic produce is actually better for our health. In any case, more and more consumers and organisations are, thankfully, realising that we only have one planet and that its natural resources are limited. In order to help protect our home, our flora and our fauna, governments can distribute organic certifications to organisations that are doing everything they can to reduce their carbon footprint and help preserve our resources.

There’s a lot that comes into play when it comes to getting organic certification. A product is only organic if the production process adheres to strict legal requirements, as defined by the government. And Skal Biocontrole is the designated Control Authority responsible for the inspection and certification of that process. For example, organic products should always be cultivated without chemical fertilizer and chemical pesticides, and contain no synthetic fragrances, dyes or flavouring.

Merchants, importers and storage plants working with organic products also have certain regulations to live by. For instance, the origins of the ingredients should be transparent and animal welfare has to be considered during the harvesting or production of that product. All organic products that have been manufactured in Europe are recognisable by the special organic logo, as pictured below.