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Fancy becoming a Mussels expert?

Here’s some fun facts about mussels, they might come in handy next time you’re at a slow dinner party!

Did you know,

  • the mussels you’ve just bought are two years old? That’s how long it takes to grow from a seed into a fully-grown mussel large enough to eat.
  • the Netherlands grows and produces around 57 million kilos of mussels.
  • that only 4% is consumed in the Netherlands, apparently the Dutch aren’t that big a fan.
  • 64% is shipped over the border to Belgium, they are definitely fans!
  • it’s actually Spain that is the largest European producer. China is the largest exporter of Mussels worldwide.
  • the lips of a Spanish and French Mussel (Yes, they have lips) are black, and the Zeeland ones are pale.
  • you can also try Mussels with a green shell, though you’ll have to go to Australia for that.
  • There are white and orange mussels, which taste the same and have the same quality. And no, the colours are not related to the sex of the mussel, it’s all down to genetic differences where one just has more pigment than the other.
  • Mussels are extremely rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins. Compared to meat, mussels contain more iron, phosphorus and Vitamin B. And, with only 25% of the calorific value, it’s definitely the healthier choice!
  • Mussel farmers are very innovative. The newest technique is called ‘Mosselzaad-invang Installatie’ (Mussel Seed Capture Installation) where the seed grows on lines or nets attached to buoys near the coastline. It’s the best method for the future to ensure flavourful, clean and sand-free mussels!