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Fresh Fish versus Frozen Fish: the experts talking

Is fresh fish always much better than frozen fish or is that your typical fish tale and not true at all? True when you can get fresh fish directly from sea to plate, of course. But what does fresh fish look like exactly?

There are several things you can check when seeking real freshness:

  • Smell: fresh fish doesn’t stink
  • Eyes: the eyes of a whole fish are round and shiny, never dull
  • Gills: red or pinkish colour
  • Body/scales: shiny and scales firmly aligned
  • Tail: should feel sturdy

To be able to supply good quality frozen fish, the freezing process is crucial. These days, this often takes place on board and straight away. This means bacteria don’t stand a chance and it makes sure the taste and texture of the fish are untouched. The temperature is also important here. According to the law, when freezing fish the temperature must be lower than -18°C, but in practice it is often much lower: even as low as -30°C. This guarantees the freshness and quality of the fish.