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Kesbeke: our Amsterdam partner

Kesbeke is very enthusiastic when it comes to developing new products. They just love coming up with new combinations. Kesbeke can also make customised products for customers who want something special.
Innovation is the force that drives the company. And everyone within the company is a part of the process. Even the office cleaners at Kesbeke get to have a say in new products. At the end of the day, all the new ideas are reviewed, tested, and evaluated. Owner Oos: “People want really delicious pickles, quality you can taste. A jar of our Amsterdam Onions might cost 30% more than a cheap import brand. But you only have to try one to know why!

Our onions are hand peeled, and then hand pickled in an elegant jar by people who get paid a normal, decent wage. So in fact the price you pay for our honest, delicious products is actually excellent value for money. After all, there’s a reason why good champagne costs more than cheap wine.”