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Logistics staff are very important within Squiby Foods

It’s often the sales people that are the focal point within an organization, and therefor get plenty of attention. Naturally, without the heroes of logistics we would be nowhere. Yes, of course, we do need to sell our products. However, before anything can be distributed, we need to take care of a few aspects, things such as: orders, delivery of goods, official health certificates, the correct documentation, printing and sticking translated labels, labelling, packaging, etc..
Today we honour the logistics staff who make it all possible. Each and every day over 15 employees take care of the logistics process within Squiby foods. Curious to know how many kilometres of tape we use each year? Then check out our facts and figures:

These are our proud numbers of our logistics department the last 12 months…

  • Shipped 365 containers over seas
  • 1250 shipments by air
  • 1,3 million kg of food
  • 11,5 million product labels used
  • filled and packed 16,000 cardboxes
  • 4,000 EPS boxes
  • 227 veritable suppliers
  • 279 kilometres of tape
  • 5,000 ice packs used
  • 26,000 kg of dry ice used