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Meet our Red Beauty: RooiHout Salmon

Padouk salmon

RooiHout smoked salmon is velvety and creamy, combined with an intense and spicy accent. The result of smoking the salmon twice. The first time with sea salt, the second with a special blend of spices, including the finely ground bark of the South African padouk tree. This gives the salmon its deep red colour and its complex, rich flavour.

Manual labour

The fish is filleted by hand. A far more careful and delicate procedure, than when executed mechanically. Also the marinating and smoking are done manually. Personal attention and craftsmanship, that’s what it’s all about. Quality you can taste.

Smoked twice

RooiHout padauk salmon is prepared in a small traditional smokehouse under the supervision of a ‘master smoker’. An important tradition is that the fish is smoked lying down. This procedure ensures less fat is lost and so preserves the soft and creamy taste of the salmon. The fish is seasoned with finely ground padouk, after it has cooled down. Hereafter the fish again is placed into the smoking oven. This preparation method, with padouk – a South African wood with a deep red colour – enriches the RooiHout salmon with its characteristic colour and flavour.

All natural

A strong fish is a healthy fish. That’s why RooiHout selects fish only from farms, which are situated in clean open seawater. The flow of the tides provides the fish their strength and maintains their health. RooiHout salmon contains no preservatives or dyes.

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