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New products from Grozette

The new cheese products of Grozette Foodservice are ideal for use in commercial kitchens, restaurants and catering.

Especially created for an even more delicious and pure meal, Grozette has added three new foodservice variants alongside the Cheese Sprinkles Classic:

  • Cheese Sprinkles Classic 750 g, Cheese Sprinkles Classic consists of a mix of different cheese types.
  • Cheese Sprinkles Organic 750 g Cheese Sprinkles Organic consists of a mix of different organic cheeses.
  • Cheese Sprinkles Veggie 750 g Cheese Sprinkles Veggie is made from mature cheeses with a slightly stronger, even spicy, palate. Made with vegetarian rennet.

Try these delicious sprinkable new cheese products and get creative!

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