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This a very wide and comprehensive product range with endless possibilities. Of course, all European products are available and we also offer an Asian and Mexican range. Most of this category are ambient products and perfect to ship by boat.

Oil & Vinegar & Mustard

A few examples of what we can deliver are grapeseed oil, white vinegar and Dijon mustard. We also sell famous brands like Maille. More exclusive mustards, vinegars and oils? No problem!


Our gherkins are one of the best worldwide! Together with our partner Kesbeke we can guarantee you the utmost quality. Silver onions, capers, mixed pickles and dill chips are also available. We can supply everything, from 370ml to 10 litre packaging. In need of a special recipe? We also provide tailor-made solutions.

Sauces & Preparation of Sauces

To add extra flavour to your dishes, our sauces can be the solution. We got the most common sauces like mayonnaise, sambal and pesto. Looking for outstanding specialty sauces? Try the spicy mango or the bloody beetroot ketchup!

Nuts & Dried Fruit & Seeds

This range offers bulk packaging as well as small packaging for retail. Cashew nuts, almonds, cranberries, prunes and walnuts are only a small part of our selection.

Spices & Herbs & Salt

With pride we present one of the largest selection of herbs and spices, all of the highest quality. Basil, Cajun seasoning, lavender, garlic powder, pepper whole and ras el hanout are just a few items featuring this range. Various packaging is available.

Bakery & Pastry

Discover our beautifully diverse and all-inclusive range of everything having to do with bakery and pastry. From ingredients and decoration, to bread itself. Just about anything is possible. We supply the leading brands, but we’d also like to tell you about some fine specialties. Need anything for a chocolatier or a banquet? We can help you out.

Truffle Products

Truffle is a beautiful product and we are proud to have such an amazing high-end range. With fresh truffles, preserved, frozen truffles, sauces and oils we can supply you the full range. A superior food selection offering you Italian’s finest taste.

Asian products

Korean, Thai and Japanese food products are no strangers to us. The brands Lee Kum Kee and Kikkoman for example, but also kewpie mayonnaise or sriracha sauce are available.

Mexican products

Our Mexican range is very popular. Frozen products like guacamole, burrito and flour tortillas are always great, and don’t forget the different salsas and the cheddar cheese sauce.


Food is a world of innovation. With this fantastic range chefs can stimulate their creativity and create the impossible.


The high demand for vegan products is just something we can’t ignore. It will get bigger the coming years. Our selection of vegan products is very wide-ranging. We have got meat replacers, but a nice vegan cheese is something you have to try as well.

Organic Products

The organic trade is a highly-regulated one, and TerraSana – our partner for many years – ticks all the right boxes with their high-quality products. Our range consists of more than 900 organic products. Nuts, pasta, maple syrup or quinoa? We have got it all!


One of our newest categories! With or without alcohol. With or without sugar. Carbonated or non-carbonated. Enough to choose as you are used from us.