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Sales Force landed in Africa

Squiby Foods started 25 years ago as a European foodservice export company for the Middle East, and this is still our biggest market. We are now represented in virtually all countries in the Middle East. Our second-biggest market is Asia, and we plan to expand into Africa in 2019 and 2020. Our new business team is working hard to develop this new market, and it has every potential of becoming our second-biggest market very soon.

We have already started operations in South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria, and are now researching new opportunities in Kenya, Tanzania, and Morocco. So in the coming period, we will definitely be putting a lot more time and energy into the further development of our export service to these countries.

That is why Inge Segeren, member of our new business tribe, is going on a trade mission to Nigeria. She will be visiting local companies to learn more about the local business practices in Nigeria. She has meetings planned with caterers, wholesalers, and five-star hotels so that we can give our customers an even better service in the future.

In turn, we will be inviting our customers to visit us in the Netherlands so they can see where our food comes from. First in line will be our Poultrade partner from Ghana, who will be visiting us in August. We will be taking them on a two-day tour of our exclusive suppliers so they can learn more about the available options.

Later on in August and early September, we will be going back on tour ourselves to South Africa, where we have recently been exploring the opportunities for the wholesale distribution of fish and meat.

And last but not least, our intern Lauren has been researching the opportunities for Squiby Foods in Morocco. A growing market with a lot of hotels.

So there’s plenty to do in Africa!