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Slow Food Masters Pulled products!

Pulled Pork has been a popular food concept in America for many years, and now it is big in England and Scandinavia as well. And for a good reason. It is an honest, pure, and extremely tasty meat product that is prepared in a traditional way. The possibilities are endless. From bread rolls to pizza toppings, from salads to sandwiches, and from savoury pastries to tapas.

Slow Food Masters not only supply the original Pulled Pork, they also have a new Pulled Chicken and Pulled Beef range. With these products, tasty dishes can be prepared quickly and easily, either in combination with our specially-developed sauce or on their own. These new meat products are moreover very healthy. Only low-fat meat is used, and there are no E numbers, gluten, or other allergens. The consumers will definitely appreciate a choice for these clean label products.

Food prepared in an authentic way is hip right now. You can taste the craftsmanship and love in authentic products, and that is exactly what you get with the products of Slow Food Masters. Pitmaster Job van Baars; the Lord of meat and fire. He cooks intuitively by tasting, feeling, smelling, listening, and watching his fire. He instinctively knows how to take advantage of the way ingredients react to the generated heat and smoke. His sole aim is to create the absolute best, most delicious piece of meat!


We look at the developments in society with an open mind. Vegetarian food is no longer a hype, it is here to stay. Which is why we think it is time for some real Pulled Veggie. A tasty vegetarian alternative we have created from jackfruit. This fleshy fruit absorbs the smoke from our apple wood smoker, and then we add our Smokey Fruit Sauce to give it that recognisable taste. In addition to our Pulled Jack, we also have Pulled Shrooms. All clean label and no allergens. We select the finest oyster mushrooms and then smoke them in our apple wood smoker. A real treat for the taste buds on a bread roll or as a topping on French fries, tacos, or nachos. Available with or without our delicious Smokey Fruit Sauce.