Special celebration of Squiby Foods 25th anniversary. - Squiby Foods
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Special celebration of Squiby Foods 25th anniversary.

Exactly one month ago, the big day finally arrived: 25 years of Squiby Foods! To celebrate this very special festive occasion, the whole Squiby team went to the city of Dubai. Dubai is where the Squiby Foods’ story started 25 years ago. Back then, there were a lot less hotels, condominiums, and tourist attractions, and a lot more sand.
The first order consisted of (!) 4 Dover sole, 2 lobsters, 2 packets of Parmesan cheese, a box of vegetables, and 3 jars of mustard. Essentially, we still do exactly the same thing today, only the quantities are much bigger than 25 years ago. That is the way we like it and what we stand for: we deliver any item, in any quantity, to any place in the world.


The company owner Andre Lesmeister wanted to thank everyone for their dedication and commitment throughout the years, and had therefore put together a very special and festive programme. In only 3 days, we got a great taste of what the city has to offer. For example, we saw the historic city centre, we visited the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and we went on a desert safari in jeeps. We went sightseeing along the coast in powerboats, and we still had enough time left for an afternoon on the beach. In addition to all these activities, we also ate a lot of delicious food in the wide range of exciting restaurants that Dubai has to offer. It was an incredible experience that we are all extremely grateful for!

The Squiby Foods team arrives back in the Netherlands

We arrived back at work full of enthusiasm, but within only a few days it became clear that the coronavirus was going to have a much bigger impact on Squiby Foods than we could ever have imagined!
Our company has been affected by the global pandemic just like every other company in this sector. We have tried to create the best conditions for our employees, and are working closely together with our customers and suppliers to maintain our usual level of service. These are very challenging times, but the main priority right now is to make sure everyone stays healthy. We have to look out for each other and protect each other. We are all in this together and that is the only way we are going to get through it: together.