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Squiby Foods joins forces with Foodcase!

Foodcase and Squiby Foods are joining forces in three areas: portfolio sharing, product sourcing, and logistical efficiency.

Foodcase is a young and innovative specialist offering fantastic dry, refrigerated, and deep-freeze concepts to the airline industry. As Foodcase connects technology and market demand, their innovative food concepts offer a great deal of potential for the hotel market.

Squiby Foods’ new worldwide partner also has an outstanding multi-disciplinary team of internal and external experts whose mission is “to shape the world of food”. They track the latest developments in technology, packaging and food science, which opens up exciting opportunities for packaging with private labels. For example, we can now offer tailor-made snack boxes with your customer’s own logo or brand name.

We will be sending you more information about this product range in the near future. If you can’t wait and would like more information now, just reach out!