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Sustainable food – The Blended burger of GRO Holland

As a leading European foodservice and export company, Squiby foods is doing her part to promote sustainability.

In her efforts to promote sustainability, to reduce her carbon footprint and realize a circular business model, Squiby Foods has found the perfect Dutch partner in GRO Holland. GRO Holland was founded by Jan Willem Bosman Jansen, who was inspired by food sustainability programs introduced by the ZERI Foundation in Zimbabwe.

With the collected coffee waste from companies such as La Place, GRO Holland cultivates organic oyster mushrooms. These fleshy, tasteful mushrooms are then used to make the GRO Blended Burger, 50% mushrooms – 50% beef and herbs, the 100% oyster mushroom burger, a variety of vegetarian snacks and the vegan Krupi chips – 51.8% oyster mushroom.

These products are taking the Benelux market by storm and Squiby Foods will be launching them in the Middle-East and Asia soon.