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The Best Veal comes from the Netherlands

The Netherlands is the biggest exporter of Veal! It’s fine structure and refined flavor makes veal a valued delicacy. It is also easily digestible and highly nutritious. Therefore it meets all the requirements of critical chefs and consumers around the world. Veal is now demanded in countless countries. Most of the time each country difference their demand in varieties. Squiby Foods has a complete range, milk-fed and grain-fed, to meet all the demands!

Veal Tenderloin

Veal tenderloin is the softest part of the calf. This part of the calf is very tender, because of its inactivity as a muscle. It contains barely connective tissue. It is a very tasty piece of meat with a refined taste!

Veal Liver

Calf’s liver is a super healthy fine piece of organ meat, full of minerals and vitamins. The liver is light brown in color, fairly soft in structure and a real delicacy among the livers. Calf’s liver is delicious in combination with onions, apple, bacon, potatoes and mustard. Calf’s liver can be eaten rosé and is often served in slices after baking. Calf’s liver can also be cooked or used for making sausages.