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The family company Amzterdamit

The innovative Dutch family company Amzterdamit™ 0.0 has created a unique formula to bring you the Amzterdamit™ “Original” 0.0 Whiskey, 0.0 Gin, 0.0 Vodka, 0.0 Brandy, 0.0 Tequila and 0.0 Rum.

You can also enjoy our pre-mix range of WSKI Ginger Ale, RMH Cola, TQLA Retboel, and GHN Tonic, now available in a slim-line can version. These pre-mixes are made from distilled botanicals, where the alcohol has been extracted and replaced with a combination of natural flavours. With these mixed drinks you can enjoy all the fun of the party, and still wake up feeling fresh and fruity the next morning.

  • Amzterdamit™ Original 700 ml Glass Bottle
  • Amzterdamit™ Mixed 250 ml Glass Bottle
  • Amzterdamit™ Mixed 250 ml Can