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The Mussel Categories

Even though the Dutch aren’t listed in the top 3 of major European Mussel distributors, there’s no disputing the 5-star quality of Zeeland Mussels, well known for its salty or briny taste. It’s an ocean delicacy that’s been harvested from our seas since the 15th century.

All mussels are divided into categories, or ‘calibres’, depending on the amount of meat contained in a shell, instead of the size or quality of the shell. The fewer actual mussels in a kilo, the more succulent meat each shell holds. And they’ll be succulent each and every time as the flavour and quality remains the same. Squiby Foods can supply you with 5 types of mussels.

  • “Extra” – more than 70 per kilo
  • “Super” – 60 to 70 per kilo
  • “Imperial” – 53 to 60 per kilo
  • “Jumbo” – 45 to 53 per kilo
  • “Gold Brand” – 38 to 45 per kilo