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Vanille Venture Culinary Research Expert

It’s not easy to sniff out the precise details that will lead to special products. Take Mattia Pariani, for example. This Italian family business produces incredibly beautiful and delicious oil and pasta using Piemonte hazelnuts, pistaccio and pine nuts. They are unlike anything else, truly. And their hazelnut chocolate paste, give it try and you’ll never forget that taste. Like I said, it’s not easy to find amazing products like this – but we’ve made it our business to do just that!

The Fine Food selection has grown exponentially over the years. In addition to Vanilla, we also supply our clients with Spanish Joselito hams and the less not-quite-as-famous-but-also-really-good Cecina de Léon; a gorgeous, marbled ham made from the hind leg of beef cattle.

Strolling past our shelves, you’ll see all types of salt, paella and risotto rice, plenty of olive oils from all over the world (including Armando Manni and Massimo Bottura oils), flavoursome fruit juices from the German company Van Nahmen, splendid foie gras from Belgian Nivo Finess, and we’ve also had the 100% animal-friendly version by Eduardo Sousa on our shelves!

Olives, canned tuna by specialist Ortiz, ripened cheese by Michel van Tricht, delectable Italian truffles, sausages, high-class mozzarella from Casa Madaio in Campania, Fever Tree soda and, of course, the gin to go with it! The unique vadouvan spices, sumac (a sour, red powder that can replace vinegar), piment d’espelette from the French Basque Country, saffran, and chorizo from Rioja. Gosh, we can go on and on…

So, we shall: Curries, capers and oregano from the little island Pantelleria, fragrant fennel sticks, condiments like colatura di alici, a variety of vinegars, and the juice from salted sardines stored in wooden barrels.

Ok, we’re running out of ink, we’ll sign off with this: Squiby Food and Vanilla Venture have 350 delicious items to choose from. All in the name of refinement!