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Wizards at work

It’s well known that international and 3 Michelin star-chef Jonnie Boer is capable of producing magic in the kitchen. He’s been creating magic for many years now, using only the best ingredients. Herbs from his very own herb garden, and from his greenhouse, vegetables grown with natural fertilizers, revitalized water and seashell lime. His love of “pure and simple” combined with “courage and imagination” continues to yield pure, surprising, tasteful and colourful dishes.

The other wizard at work is Oos Kesbeke, whose family business is currently the only one to manufacture the well-known Amsterdam pickled products according to the custom of the craft. This craft, passed down from father to son since 1948 remains indispensable for a delicious jar of pickled vegetables. Every day, Oos works with a small group of dedicated employees to create the best pickled products and other related items. He’s a fan of good and delicious food, and prefers using tasteful, pure and preferably surprising products when ‘composing’ new products. He’s a man with vinegar running through his veins and loves sticking his nose wherever in order to get inspiration. He’ll taste and smell anything he can, because that is where he’s influenced to try something different.