We deliver any item....any quantity! Labels, certificates and other documents how you request them.








Quality food products from all over Europe

Squiby Foods serves her customers with a complete range of food products:

Fresh items

A full assortment of fish, cheeses, meat, game and poultry and European delicacies. We import on a regular basis from France, Switzerland, Italy and many more European countries.

Frozen items
We supply a complete range of frozen products from fish, meat, vegetables and fruit to game and poultry. We can deliver it all. Furthermore we have our own brand of French Fries: MMFF (Mister Magic French Fries).

Dry items
All other food items, like Italian, Spain, Mexican and Oriental items.
Also bakery products, jam, sauces, herbs, olives,
mustard, pastas, capers, gherkins, oils, etc.



Since 2007 Squiby Foods is HACCP certified. Food safety is an important issue in today’s food export. Click here for the HACCP.pdf certificate. We are proud to be certified and we will continue to professionalize our quality and safety food control system. Recently we are certificated for BIO trader. Click here for the SKAL.pdf certificate