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As a wholesaler, you always want to meet market demand. To do this, you need to be well-informed. You also want your products to be delivered to your customers quickly, efficiently, and with the right labels and documentation.

This demands a lot from your organization. Time and effort that you would rather spend on what matters to you: being the ideal intermediary for your clients.

Bring focus to your business by choosing a cooperation partner. Allow yourself to be completely unburdened. Choose Squiby Foods.

Outstanding quality, reliable service, and valuable advice. That is what we stand for as a family business.






Access to our network of collaborative partners.

Our long-term partnerships with European premium brands ensure that we deliver high-quality products fast. This makes us a reliable partner for food items.

Since our founding in 1995, we have built great partnerships with companies in The Netherlands, Italy and France among others.

For a complete overview of our partnerships, please see our product page.


The world has never been so close.

We make sure your products are with reputable wholesalers in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. This extends your reach, allowing people outside Europe to enjoy your specialties.

We take care of the product journey from your warehouse to the end user. Through our clever arrangement of containers, we deliver any quantity. Large or small.

Wondering what we can do for your specific product? Please contact one of our employees. Together we will determine the best strategy.

Food Logistics


Products that always reach their final destination.

We provide your products with the correct labeling. The right labels and custom documents ensure that you can import your products without any inconvenience. Thanks to our expertise with local laws and regulations, your order will cross the border effortlessly.

Thanks to our convenient location near Schiphol Airport and the ports, we deliver your European products quickly and completely to any location in the world. With transport options via land, water, or air, we always find the most efficient route for your food items.

Our hub in Rungis allows our French suppliers to deliver their products to that location. Therefore we can load trucks efficiently and optimize road transport from France. This way we can always ensure you the best prices.

The BRC certificate is proof of the high quality we stand for. This is reflected in our products, storage facilities, and transport solutions.


Your eyes and ears in Europe.

We inform you about the latest trends and developments within the food industry. Be the first to know about new premium products coming to the market.

Are you looking for something specific to meet your customer’s needs? Let us know. With our extensive network, product knowledge and experience, we always find a suitable solution.

Is the product temporarily out of stock? No worries. Together we look for the best alternative. Selling “no” to your customers belongs to the past.

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