European dairy products are known for their high quality and distinctive taste. Our wide range of cheeses, cream, butter, and eggs offers you delicacies from all over Europe. We ship the products in refrigerated containers to ensure they retain their unique taste and shape.

Enjoy the authentic flavors from Europe and make your choice today.

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cheese products


Whether you’re looking for a creamy French brie, characterful Italian Parmigiano Reggiano, or a good old Cheddar cheese. Our wide selection of soft and hard cheeses reaches from the North Sea to the Mediterranean.

The cheeses are made according to traditional recipes. You can taste this in texture and the refined flavors of our selection. We ensure that these fresh delicacies reach you in optimal condition. Of course in the desired amount or quantities.

cream, milk and yoghurt


Our selection of cream will complete your desserts, sauces, or soups. We offer cream for cold applications, such as sour cream or clotted cream. We also have several options for hot applications. Think of crème fraîche or cooking cream.

All our cream varieties are produced with great care and will take your kitchen creations to the next level.

butter products


Discover the rich and creamy taste of European butter products. We offer several varieties for baking and frying. We also have different types of spreadable butter. Try one of the better-known brands and choose the quantity and form that suits you best.



Serve your guests delicious omelets or use pasteurised eggs as ingredients for culinary delights. With our range of egg products, you can make any dish. Depending on shelf life and transportation, we offer eggs in liquid or frozen varieties.

Want to know what egg products we can provide you with? Grab your brochure here and discover the many variations this versatile product has.

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Our suppliers put a lot of love and craftsmanship into their dairy products. You can see and taste this in our assortment.

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With smart tracking & tracing, we monitor the condition and location of your goods. You  know exactly when your goods will arrive.

In addition to the best-known European brands, we also have our own private label.

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