Everything from Europe always in stock.

From one warehouse directly onto your shelves.

Knowledge of the complete supply chain.

With over 25 years of experience, we know what’s going on in the food chain. We know our products and are familiar with every form of transportation. This makes it easy for us to respond to anything that may happen during your product journey. We know what we can and should expect from our suppliers and cooperation partners. This makes us and our services reliable.

One - stop shopping

Logistics expertise

Service & flexibility

For any amount
and quantity.

Order what you need. Whether this is a few products or a full pallet, anything is possible. Work with a small stock and deliver the best shelf life to your customers. By cleverly combining containers, we ensure the high availability of products. This gives you the highest flexibility in running your wholesale business.

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Inhouse certification
and labeling.

Africa, Asia, and the Middle East have strict food regulations. Ensure that country borders do not become a barrier to your services. With our in-house labeling and certification, you comply with all laws and regulations. Your products will cross borders worry-free.

inhouse and labeling

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A sustainable

Competition within the food industry is high and prices fluctuate widely. Missing or poor communication prevents you from responding to this daily changing market. You have insufficient knowledge of the entire chain, so you lack a grip on the process. As a result, you cannot fulfill your agreements with your customers. This leads to frustration and does not contribute to your reputation.

Therefore, choose a partner who thinks along with you. A partner who communicates clearly and on time so that you can respond to the daily changing market. Someone who knows what he sells and informs you about new trends and developments. A partner who makes it possible or has an alternative. So that you can deliver the best quality to your customers.

Choose sustainable cooperation with Squiby Foods.

We believe in long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers. Trust and clear communication are the basis for a good partnership.

We ensure that your stock is always up to date so that you can serve your customers optimally.

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Want to know what we can do for your wholesale business?
Then contact one of our staff members directly.

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