Are blackberries good for you?

When you think of summer, you quickly think of the sweet taste of blackberries. Along with strawberries and raspberries, they represent our summer fruit. But how healthy are blackberries really? And is it better to eat them fresh or from the freezer? In this blog article we tell you more about this beautiful fruit.

What are blackberries?

A blackberry is a so-called aggregate fruit. It consists of small balls or partial fruits. Like strawberries, blackberries belong to the large rose family. The blackberry is juicy and has a sweet or sour taste. This makes them versatile and therefore good to use in a variety of drinks or dishes.

Why are blackberries healthy?

Blackberries are high in fiber and are packed with nutrients.

Fiber is important for our health. They make you feel full after eating and contribute to proper digestion. They also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, colon cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Nutrients we humans need to live. These substances take care of building and repairing the body, for our energy supply and regulate all kinds of processes in our body.

What nutrients do blackberries have?

Blackberries contain many nutrients. In the overview below, we list the most important nutrients for you.

  • Vitamin C and E
    These substances protect body cells against harmful external influences. Vitamin C and E support your immune system and increase your resistance.
  • Folic acid (vitamin B11)
    Vitamin B11 contributes to your ability to concentrate and the memory function of your brain.
  • Vitamin K
    This substance helps your bones absorb calcium to keep them strong. In addition, vitamin K supports blood clotting.

Are frozen blackberries more healthy?

Blackberries are available both fresh and from the freezer. In solid form and as a puree. Not only are frozen blackberries cheaper, they are also healthier! This is because we freeze frozen fruit immediately after it has ripened. This preserves fiber and nutrients better.

Where do blackberries come from?

From May to October, they are available in the Netherlands. We choose to get them from Serbia. We use blackberries mostly in dishes during late summer or autumn.

Blackberries are incredibly healthy. They contain high levels of fiber and nutrients. In addition, they are packed with vitamins and minerals. Because they are available both fresh and frozen, you can enjoy them all year round.

This healthy alternative should not be missing in your assortment of fruits. Contact us today for your options.

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