Fresh or frozen vegetables

We humans always tend to choose fresh vegetables for our culinary creations anyway. We think fresh greens contain the most nutrients. But is this thinking correct? Or is it better to choose frozen vegetables after all? In this blog article, we explain it to you.

Fresh vegetables

Vegetables from the land are packed with nutrients before they go on transport. The first few days after vegetables arrive in the supermarket, nutrients are lost. This is also why fresh vegetables have a limited shelf life. The older the vegetable, the less nutrients it contains.

Frozen vegetables

Deep-frozen vegetables are frozen immediately after harvest. This ensures that the minerals and vitamins present remain intact. This makes frozen vegetables fresher than fresh vegetables.

You were not expecting this, right?

The difference between fresh and frozen vegetables

Both frozen and fresh vegetables lose some of their nutrients after harvest. This is due to moisture loss just after picking, during pre-cutting, when peeling or during freezing.

Fresh vegetables are picked before they are fully ripened. As a result, they are not yet completely developed and contain fewer nutrients than full-ripe vegetables. Then, they lie in the store for several days, losing even more nutrients.

Deep-frozen vegetables are picked at the time they are fully ripe. As a result, they are packed with nutrients. These are well preserved because the vegetables are frozen immediately after harvest.

Basically, unprocessed vegetables and frozen vegetables contain the same amount of nutrients. This makes them equally healthy from the moment of harvest.

The big difference is in the final processing of the vegetables, which makes frozen vegetables healthier for a longer period of time.

Unfortunately, not all vegetables are suitable for freezing. Therefore, it is important to make conscious choices when it comes to vegetables. An ideal composition of fresh and frozen vegetables completes your assortment.

Guarantee of freshness

At Squiby Foods, we believe it is important to deliver our vegetables to our customers as fresh as possible. Our products have to travel a long distance from Europe to your wholesale. To guarantee freshness we also offer the frozen variety. This ensures that wholesalers always have fresh vegetables in their assortment no matter what.

Interested in our range of frozen vegetables? Please contact Robert. He will be happy to tell you about the possibilities for your wholesale business.

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