Is Gouda goat cheese?

As a wholesaler of European products, Gouda Holland cheese can’t be missing in your assortment. But what is this Dutch classic made of? What is the difference between Edam cheese and Gouda cheese? And how can this delicacy be served best? In this blog article you will find all the answers.

A unique Dutch cheese

Gouda Holland cheese is made from real Dutch milk from Dutch cows. So it is not made from sheep’s milk.

The cheeses mature for at least four weeks in the Netherlands on wooden boards. The duration of maturing determines the characteristic taste of the Gouda Holland cheese. A Gouda Holland cheese is a full-fat (48+), naturally matured cheese with a mild to strong taste. The longer the cheese matures, the spicier the character.

Gouda Holland cheese has been made on the same principles for centuries. The craft of cheese making has been passed down from father to son for generations. Continuous refinement of the recipe and craft has resulted in extremely flavorful cheeses of consistent quality.

Only cheeses that fully meet all the requirements of PGI recognition may be called Gouda Holland cheese. Holland is one of the largest cheese exporters in the world. A genuine Dutch Gouda cheese can be recognized by the Gouda Holland quality seal.

Edam Cheese vs Gouda Cheese

Most famous cheeses from the Netherlands are Gouda and Edam cheese. Both cheeses are made from pasteurized milk. Yet they are two completely different cheeses. Below we explain the difference:


  • 40% fat percentage
  • Dry and light
  • Does not melt quickly
  • Good sliceability


  • 48% fat percentage
  • Creamy butter texture
  • Melts when heated
  • Crumbles and cracks quickly

How to serve Gouda Cheese

Gouda Holland cheese is the perfect cheese for garnishing or as the main ingredient of your culinary creations. In addition, it is the snack of choice at parties and celebrations.

Serve Gouda cheese in cubes on a cheese board or use it in melted form on sandwiches or through your mashed potatoes. Because the cheese melts well, the applications are endless.

100% Dutch craftsmanship

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