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Logistics forms one of the four services we provide to our customers as Squiby Foods. This involves finding the right balance between customer satisfaction on the one hand and cost minimization on the other.

But what does logistics actually involve? What steps do we distinguish within the logistics process? And what is the role of transportation in all of this? In this blog we would like to explain it to you.

What is logistics

Logistics ensures that the right goods are delivered to the right place at the right time. This makes it more than just transporting a product from one place to another. Logistics involves the entirety of organizing, planning, managing and executing flows of goods over various stages. It is the process from purchasing to the moment the final product is delivered to the consumer.

Different phases within logistics

Thus, logistics does not only involve transportation, but also procurement, inventory management and distribution. In fact, “logistics” is an umbrella term for all activities related to the process prior to the delivery of a final product to the customer. It involves the organization, planning, management and execution of this flow of goods.

The following phases are part of the logistics process.


In this phase, you look for products that meet customer needs. Then you buy them at the best price. By making good agreements about the price and terms of delivery with your supplier, you ensure that you will not be faced with surprises when supplying goods.

At Squiby Foods, we have long-term partnerships with our suppliers. As a result, we know what to expect from the supplier. This ensures that we can deliver the highest quality at the best price.

Inventory management

Purchasing goods involves good inventory management. As a food supplier, you need to know what products you have in stock and how big your inventory is. Only when you have insight into your current stock at all times is it possible to respond to needs of your ideal customer. Only then can you prioritize your inventory.

Customers can purchase any quantity of a product from Squiby Foods. Whether it is a few pieces or an entire container, we offer this flexibility. We can only do this because we know exactly what we have in stock in our warehouse and what products are in order.


This final stage involves the journey of the final product from your warehouse to the end user. This starts with collecting the products from the order and ends with preparing the order for shipment. It is important to ensure that the order is provided with the proper documentation for the country of destination.

At Squiby Foods, we are able to set up a container optimally. This is necessary since we offer our customers the flexibility to purchase any quantity of a product. In addition, because of our years of experience, we know what requirements a country has for shipments. As a result, we always provide each shipment with the correct documentation, guaranteeing its arrival to you.

Transportation as the connecting factor

Transportation links the phases of procurement, inventory management and distribution. Products must be moved from one location to another when they are supplied, stored and distributed. In addition, the way you transport determines the level of service and quality that you can provide.

Squiby Foods uses transportation by road, water or air. Depending on the wishes of the customer, the requirements of a product or the location, we determine which form of transport fits best. This independence allows us to always adapt to what is best for the customer and the product.

Food Logistics

At Squiby Foods we provide your products with the correct labeling. The right labels and custom documents ensure that you can import your products without any inconvenience. Thanks to our expertise with local laws and regulations, your order will cross the border effortlessly.

Thanks to our convenient location near Schiphol Airport and the ports, we deliver your European products quickly and completely to any location in the world. With transport options via land, water, or air, we always find the most efficient route for your food items.

Our hub in Rungis allows our French suppliers to deliver their products to that location. Therefore we can load trucks efficiently and optimize road transport from France. This way we can always ensure you the best prices.

The BRC certificate is proof of the high quality we stand for. This is reflected in our products, storage facilities, and transport solutions.

Outstanding quality, reliable service, and valuable advice. That is what we stand for as a family business.

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