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An important part of our product range are high-quality products fresh from Europe’s finest dairy countries. We have an impressive assortment of cheese, cream, butter and eggs. Looking for premium quality? At a competitive price? We can deliver both! Besides selling the main European brands, we also offer several private label items.


Europe is known for its cheeses. So is our selection! Gouda from Holland, a French brie, a British Cheddar or a typical Italian buffalo mozzarella? We have it all. At Squiby Foods, you will even find the lesser-known products like red pesto flavoured cheese. All soft and hard cheeses are available in different flavours and packages and of various origins.

Cream / Milk / Yoghurt

We provide both fresh and long shelf-life creams. Sour cream, cooking cream and whipping cream are the most popular ones. And our UHT milk makes it possible to perfectly meet all your food service needs. For retail purposes, we also have several interesting yoghurts packaged in glass or plastic. Most of the products in this category have a German or French origin.

Butter / margarine

Our extensive selection of butter consists of multiple brands and comes in various sizes. The well-known French brands Isigny and President are available in packages of 10 to 250 grams. Our own premium brand comes in blocks of 5 and 25 kg.

The same goes for margarine. We have it available in portions, but also in a liquid form for foodservice. Plenty of choice!


Together with our partner Eipro we offer a complete and excellent range of eggs. Liquid egg yolk/yellow/whole in tetra packaging, egg patties, fried eggs, scrambled egg mix and pasteurised fresh eggs. We’ve got you covered!