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We can source a superior selection of seafood products from Europe at competitive prices. We ship fresh and frozen fish, all kinds of shellfish and high-end products like caviar. Our assortment is extremely wide and suitable for hotels, restaurants, catering services or supermarkets all over the world.

Fresh Fish

The variety of fresh fishes we can deliver is amazing. Common fishes like cod, dover sole, halibut and turbot or one of our exclusive specialities like a double smoked salmon. We are ready to supply!

Frozen Fish

We can get you and your customers frozen fish from all over Europe. Other fishes like black cod and Chilean seabass can also be delivered right to your doorstep.


Holland is known for their outstanding quality of shellfish. Already familiar with our famous mussels? We can deliver you all types and sizes. As well as oysters, clams and vongole. Even live crab, lobsters and langoustines are available!


Who isn’t a fan of this mysterious luxury! We offer top-of-the-range caviar like the supreme Sevruga and Osetra caviars. Going for a caviar ‘look’? We also offer caviar substitutes like lumpfish eggs.