Logistics – Products that always reach their final destination

Logistics forms one of the four services we provide to our customers as Squiby Foods. This involves finding the right balance between customer satisfaction on the one hand and cost minimization on the other. But what does logistics actually involve? What steps do we distinguish within the logistics process? And what is the role of […]

Is prosciutto halal?


Anyone who has ever been to Italy or has had antipasti in an Italian restaurant knows this delicious piece of meat. Prosciutto (crudo) is a world-famous ham and very versatile in taste. That said, how is prosciutto made? And is this meat halal? In this blog we answer all your questions. This is what prosciutto […]

Truffle oil: myth or reality?

truffle and truffle products

Truffles are delicacies in the culinary world. Because they are difficult to find, they are an exclusive product. Beautiful truffle products are made from these, such as truffle puree or truffle oil. But what exactly is a truffle? What makes this product so valuable? And how is real truffle oil made? We explain it to […]

Fresh or frozen vegetables

Frozen vegetables

We humans always tend to choose fresh vegetables for our culinary creations anyway. We think fresh greens contain the most nutrients. But is this thinking correct? Or is it better to choose frozen vegetables after all? In this blog article, we explain it to you. Fresh vegetables Vegetables from the land are packed with nutrients […]

Mexican cuisine

Mexican food products

Mexican food is a fusion of traditional Aztec cuisine and Spanish cuisine. The most important ingredient is maize (or corn), which is prepared in a multitude of ways. In addition, chilli peppers and tomatoes feature in almost every meal. There are plenty of regional varieties of Mexican cuisine. Plus Mexico has a long tradition of […]

Are blackberries good for you?

fruit and vegetables

When you think of summer, you quickly think of the sweet taste of blackberries. Along with strawberries and raspberries, they represent our summer fruit. But how healthy are blackberries really? And is it better to eat them fresh or from the freezer? In this blog article we tell you more about this beautiful fruit. What […]

Is Gouda goat cheese?

Is Gouda goat cheese?

As a wholesaler of European products, Gouda Holland cheese can’t be missing in your assortment. But what is this Dutch classic made of? What is the difference between Edam cheese and Gouda cheese? And how can this delicacy be served best? In this blog article you will find all the answers. A unique Dutch cheese […]